Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Somebody explain this one thing i can't figure out please!!!

Why does everybody who has free care and lives in low income housing drive Mercedes and BMW's and other very nice pimped out cars??? Somebody please answer this for me so i can move on with life! I can't afford a nice car and i don't qualify for free care or section 8. What about you? What do you drive? Do you qualify for free health insurance?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Simple suggestion regarding Green Line crash...

Here's a simple suggestion regarding the most recent Green Line crash (and the many others)....
TAKE THE TRAINS OFF OF THE ROAD!!!! THEY'RE FRIGGIN SCARY! Trains aren't meant to stop at stop lights and sit in traffic with cars. No, trains are meant to have their on through way. Not only is it dangerous to put the trains on the road with cars, but it also doesn't allow for quicker trips. One reason people ride a train is so they don't have to sit in traffic. So, i suggest: put the trains under ground or up in the air, just take them off the roads!

Please tell me...

Would somebody please tell why it is that all the bars and clubs in this city have an early closure at 2 a.m., however the subways and commuter rails are all off the track by 1 a.m.??? Are we trying to promote drunk driving here? I think a swell solution would be for the MBTA to keep trains running till 3 a.m.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Mass Ave toll booth...

Why do we have this extra little toll booth on the corner of Mass Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd? Don't we pay enough to drive in the city as it is between the gas, other tolls, parking, more gas, parking tickets, and oh yeah more gas. Could we maybe have a little law enforcement down here to rip this panhandling toll booth off the corner a couple of times a day??? The city gets no funds from this toll booth. It's just an awkward inconvenience for all of us. If you've never driven through here imagine this: you're sitting at a light in traffic waiting to make this horrible turn . You just sit there, waiting for a green light when this toll booth walks between you and the car next to you. You roll up your window as they're asking you for your funds. They knock on your window yet again asking you for funds. You just sit their ignoring their requests because you know it's not mandatory to pay this toll. You're still just sitting there still waiting patiently for this green light. The light turns green, everyone around you guns it hoping to make the 3 second green light before they get stuck being asked for their fares yet again. You make the light almost running the toll booths big toe over in the process. If you're familiar with this toll booth I'd like to hear what you have to say about this. I'm looking for a few good ideas on how this problem could be solved.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What makes it ok to cross Storrow Drive?

I would like to know why people think crossing Storrow Drive is a safe thing to do. The other night I was driving West bound on Storrow Drive. I had just past the Copley Sq. exit when this man decided it would be much quicker to run out in front of me and hop the barrier in the middle and proceed to do the same on the the other side. It didn't seem that you had a death wish seeing that you ran across the highway rather than just jumping into the middle of traffic. So I ask, why did you do this? Is it because you think you're cool or something? Did you think you were impressing anybody? Or is it that the foot bridge 10 feet to your left would have taken an extra 20 seconds to cross and risking your life and everybody else's seemed more reasonable. Well, to the random Storrow Drive crossers out there I say "grow the F#@K UP and use the damn foot bridges!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How hard can it be to take turns merging???

Has an aggressive driver ever reacted in a way that made you say "WTF?" Well, my boyfriend and I were getting onto the Storrow Drive connector one day and it seemed like an ordinary ride home. There wasn't a problem until this van to our left (the merging lane) merged in front of us. Then the space hogging SUV behind the van decided that it was also her turn to merge and pushed her monstrous vehicle between the van in front and my little Honda. The driver of this SUV seemed to think that i was being to aggressive and pushing her out of her space in line. She found it necessary to honk her horn, flip us off, mouth "F#@K YOU!" a couple of time, and flash her cell phone in a strangely threatening way. so, to the driver of this gas guzzling SUV, I say... screw you and your psychotic reasoning, learn how to ALTERNATELY MERGE!!! It's one vehicle after the other, c'mon, how hard is it???